World’s Largest Sandless Beach Blanket & Mat sandless mat sandless mat

Finally, a Revolutionary hippie beach accessory that does not stick in sand. Initially intended for military uses. Now do whatever you wish on the beaches using these super comfy Mats & Blankets without worrying about the sand that you have to clean after party.

Why To Consider:

  1. Super duper small while packing in bag but becomes very big when fully opened. Every mat Perfect for minimum 4 people.
  2. These blankets are the biggest known sand free ground cover in the world.
  3. Extremely portable and lightweight. Packs into an incredibly small 10 by 17 cm pouch
  4. Multi-utility. Great for concerts, yoga, as a festival blanket, ground tarp, camping mat, travel blanket and even a sun shade

Why Not To Consider:

If washing dirty sand filled blankets & mats is your hobby and you are so out of work that have nothing else to do.

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