Water Purifying Bottle

hippiebaba water purifying bottle
hippiebaba water purifying bottle

Never again buy bottled water with this magical Water Purifying Bottle. Just take normal water from anywhere and turn it into safe, clean, potable water while on the move. One less reason for hippies to worry about their food and water.

Why To Consider:

  1. Powerful Kitanu magnet removes almost all of impurities with ease.
  2. Water cleaned without using any chemical
  3. Leak Proof & Non Toxic
  4. Uber cool look
  5. Portable, Lightweight and compact designed, saves energy, space and easy for moving.
  6. Filter Cartridge has been certified by WQA authorised labs.

Why Not To Consider:

Don't buy if you are doing your PHD research on the topic "Why My Super Expensive Bottled Mineral Water Tastes Like Shit?"