Quick Drying Travel Towel


For campers and Travellers who do not have access to a drying machine, these Quick dry  Microfiber Travel Towels-that dry faster than cotton are a God gift.

Why To Consider :

  1. Highly Absorbent. Absorbs water many times it's own weight.
  2. Ultra soft texture and gentle to skin & face.
  3. Has a Hanging loop for easy drying anytime, anywhere.
  4. Comes in two colours. Use each for different purposes.
  5. Multipurpose. Can be used during travel, Camping, Sports, Showers, beach and, the pool. Ideal for swimming ,exercising, hiking, backpacking, Yoga, gym. 

Why Not To Consider:

If you are someone wanting to prove to the world that you wash yourself daily, then a wet towel is an handy tool.