Portable Mini Travel Washing Machine

hippiebaba.com washing machine
hippiebaba.com washing machine

This Portable Mini Travel Washing Machine is a super handy tool for hippies who like to go deep into every travel site, thereby getting their clothes dirty.

Why To Consider:

  1. Has a dryer basket too.
  2. Also has semi automatic compact washer system
  3. "Put And Forget" concept with timer controlled single translucent tub. 
  4. Washing Capacity- 3 Kg, Drying Capacity- 1 Kg
  5. Lightweight and compact designed, saves energy, space and easy for moving.
  6. Clear lid and translucent tub makes it easy to see and check the water and clothes condition.

Why Not To Consider:

I have seen some guys who like the funny smell emanating from every corner of their clothes. They think it's super cool and they look macho in it. If you are also a part of that "Smell funny To Attract Honey" club, then probably you don't need it.

Alse See: Travel Iron

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