Moose Wine Bottle

What is going to follow is the biggest health tip any hippie can give. This Moose Wine Bottle can serve your health more than any amount of diet, fight or height.

How To Use:

  1. Buy a wine bottle. Any brand would do.
  2. Throw out the ingredients in the flush. 
  3. Fill the empty bottle all out with purified water.
  4. Shove the bottle-head inside mouth of this poor Moose.
  5. Anytime you feel like in mood, pour out a glass from this wine bottle and enjoy.

How Not To Use:

Don't falter on steps 2 and 3. They are extremely vital. However if you feel any difficulty, come to Grandpa Hippie. He will empty the bottle for you. But, step 3 will necessarily be have to be done by you.