If You Want A Girl Child, Try Visiting Jharkhand’s Chakulia Temple

<thrive_headline click tho-post-4640 tho-test-1>If You Want A Girl Child, Try Visiting Jharkhand’s Chakulia Temple</thrive_headline>
Hippie Story on Chakulia Temple

Hippie Story on Chakulia Temple

If there is a country where one can find the most evolved as well as the most depraved form of anything, it is certainly India.

Why otherwise, do you think that the people of a country known for it’s regressive practices such as gender selection & female infanticide, also care to throng the temple of it’s deities, wanting a girl child?

Perhaps this is why Rumi said : “The life of this world is nothing but the harmony of opposites.”

Hippie Story Behind Chakulia Temple

It is the pull of opposite poles that stretches souls. And only stretched souls make music.~ Eric Hoffer

There was once a man by name of Jalicharan Dubey. Though God had given him enough material wealth, but still something was amiss in his life. A Daughter.

He and his wife left no stone unturned for this. They tried on their own, visited all type of Vaidyas (village doctors), magicians and what not. But sadly to no avail.

Not only they remained daughter less, but all these failed endeavours sapped most of their fortune too.

Folklore has it that it was the day of Navratri, when feeling totally hopeless & broken, they reached the temple of Sidhidatri Durga in their village, and broke down in the front of the Goddess, whom they considered their mother.

And as goes the reputation of Maa Siddhidatri, their pain was taken away totally. And they were blessed with a beautiful girl child soon after.

Countless similar stories in the years since, has formed the reputation of this 170 year old Chakulia temple in Bokaro – where seekers get a girl child.

That is why, hundreds of couples seeking girl child throng this temple every year during Navratra, and  offer prayers to the Goddess.

Location of Chakulia Temple

Chakulia temple is located in the Chakulia village in Chas block of Bokaro district, which itself is a part of Jharkhand state of India.

Who is Sidhidatri Durga

The Sanskrit word Siddhi means ‘Fulfillment’, and dhatri means ‘one who awards something’. Thus, the meaning of Siddhidatri is – one who awards fulfillment.

She fulfils the divine aspirations of her devotees. Even Lord Shiva has attained all his siddhis by worshiping this Goddess.

She is the ninth form of Goddess Durga and is hence worshipped on the ninth day of Navaratri (nine nights of Navadurga).

It is believed that one side of Lord Shiva’s body is that of Goddess Siddhidatri. Therefore, he is also known by the name of Ardhanarishwar.

Mantra for her worship is –

सिद्धगन्धर्वयक्षाघैरसुरैरमरैरपि। सेव्यमाना सदा भूयात् सिद्धिदा सिद्धिदायिनी

Story of her birth according to Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) 

Do you know that the term Hinduism is a very recent creation? Infact, there was no mention of it in the ancient book of knowledge of the so-called Hindus, the Vedas.

The term that was used instead was – Sanatan Dharma (an eternal way of life). And it existed since eternity.

And Sanatan Dharmi believe that the birth story of Siddhidatri Durga pertains to the period when even this world was yet to be evolved. Infact, in its place was a massive void totally consumed by darkness.

But slowly and steadily, a ray of light started spreading and illuminated this world. In some time, it took the form of a divine lady, who was none other than Goddess Mahashakti herself.

This supreme Goddess Mahashakti, gave birth to a trinity of gods (called Tridev), namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, with clearly defined roles towards functioning of this world.

She then instructed this trinity to do her Tapasya (contemplative penance), in order to try to understand their role in the process of world creation.

Pleased with their efforts, Mahashakti emerged before them in the form of Siddhidatri, and bestowed upon them a clearly defined set of duties for world creation.

Brahma was to be the Generator (G) – creator of the world, Vishnu was to be the Operator (O) - preserving the creation and its creatures, and Mahesh was the Destructor (D) - destroying the worlds when it is time.

She also created her two clones for the purpose of marrying them to the worldly incarnations of Vishnu and Mahesh.

She also told them that their powers will be in the forms of their respective wives, who will help them perform their tasks. The Goddess assured them that she will also provide to them, divine miraculous powers, which will also help them carry out their duties.

Hippie Takeaway

Someone once said- “When you have a baby girl, you realize that there is something far more precious than the most precious jewels.”

If you are one of those rare couples, who truly share above thought, and would love to be a parent to a girl child, then visiting this temple to take Ma Sidhidhatri's blessings would always be a great idea.