Fragile handle With Care Sticker fragile sticker fragile sticker

Every hippie has some soft, fragile & easily breakable item, which they want others to know. Otherwise, a small movement of someone's hand and there goes your vase, shattered into pieces.These "FRAGILE Handle With Care Stickers" would help you do exactly that.

Why You Need Fragile Stickers:

  1. Luggages with these stickers are treated with care while piling them on conveyor belt or emptying them into containers.

  2. Makes people think twice before sitting over them
  3. Durable, Easy to use

Why You Don't Need Them:

In countries like Pakistan, airport workers don't give a damn about what's written on the luggage "Fragile-handle With Care" or even, "Beware-Bombs Inside". All get treated in the same shabby manner.