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Travelling without these Hippie travel gadgets is like eating coconut without teeth. Possible but painful. Try at your own risk.

Portable Mini Travel Washing Machine washing machine washing machine

This Portable Mini Travel Washing Machine is a super handy tool for hippies who like to go deep into every travel site, thereby getting their clothes dirty.

Why To Consider:

  1. Has a dryer basket too.
  2. Also has semi automatic compact washer system
  3. "Put And Forget" concept with timer controlled single translucent tub. 
  4. Washing Capacity- 3 Kg, Drying Capacity- 1 Kg
  5. Lightweight and compact designed, saves energy, space and easy for moving.
  6. Clear lid and translucent tub makes it easy to see and check the water and clothes condition.

Why Not To Consider:

I have seen some guys who like the funny smell emanating from every corner of their clothes. They think it's super cool and they look macho in it. If you are also a part of that "Smell funny To Attract Honey" club, then probably you don't need it.

Alse See: Travel Iron

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Camera Drone For Travel Videos drones for travel videos drones for travel videos

Drones are like remote controlled flying robot. These camera drones help make your trip unforgettable by recording videos and clicking pics from birds view point. Best for beginners.

Why To Opt For It:

  1. All Types Of Functions: Ascend/Descend, Turn Left/Right, Side Fly, Hovering,Hand Launch, 360° Degree Rolling, LED Light. Video Record, FPV Real Time.
  2. Fully charged in just 40-50 min. 
  3. Flying Time: 8-10 minutes , Flying Height - 40 meters
  4. Quick, punctual, reliable seller service. 

Why To Not Opt For It:

  • Danger of getting thrashed severely if used to spy on beautiful neighbours living close by. Don't buy it if you have such plans. 

Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera


All men are created equal. Then some learn photography!

Pun aside, if you are one of those who keep shooting frames one after another in hope of one turning right, but fail at the end of every such exercise, then you should must try this Fujifilm mirrorless camera.


  1. Compact and Lightweight
  2. Phase detection AF to entire frame
  3. Monochrome Adjustment 
  4. Max Resolution 26 pixels

6 in 1 Multi USB Charging Cable

Often find yourself in a situation where you have to charge ipad, iphone, smartphone and other gadgets, all in one go and in a very limited time?

Then checkout this 6 in 1 Multi USB Charging cable.

It's great for travel because instead of having to pack five or six different cord you can just pack this.


  1. For iPhone iPad Android Smartphone and All Type-C Supported Devices
  2. Portable, High Definition, FMC Green Film
  3. Rotatable eyepieces. Let no distance be far.
  4. Anti skid protection

Portable Solar Charger

Power your essential gadgets during adventures and camping trips with this awesome solar powered charger. Built for harsh environment. 


  1. Works with a long line of devices including iPhones, iPods, cellphones, smartphones, SLR cameras and more
  2. Effectively draws power from the sun, even in low light conditions, with the included solar panel
  3. Delivers up to 4-6 charges to typical smartphones on a full charge 
  4. Waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter and shock resistant

Hand Powered Generator

Very useful travel gadget for charging small gadgets especially in places devoid of current. Just keep pulling PCG generators to produce charge.


If you pull it repeatedly for one whole minute, then enough energy is produced to charge

  1. 20 minutes on a cell phone
  2. 2.1 hour of flashlight use
  3. 3.4 hours play time on an iPod Shuffle

Steripen-Travel Water Purifier

It is like a magic wand for killing ultraviolet bacteria and pathogens in water. Perfect for hikers and campers who value powerful products in small packages.


  1. Purifies water in less than a minute
  2. Highly portable, lightweight and easy to use
  3. Kills all viruses, bacteria and protozoa in untreated water
  4. Rechargeable battery

Trackstick-Traveller’s Personal GPS

Trackstick II is a GPS device that lets you keep a satellite scrapbook of all your travels and record your explorations. Move anywhere now without fear of losing your way back home.

Just plug it into any USB port and view the live map of your entire journey via Google Earth.


  1. Integrates directly into Google™ Earth for worldwide use
  2. Can be installed and placed on anything that moves.
  3. Super simple to configure.

Gadget Organizer Case Pouch

This Gadget Organizer Case Pouch has several compartments and mesh pockets, which keep your electronic accessories neat and tidy. Famous as a TECH Bag.


  1. Excellent fibre strength, water repellent
  2. Multiple compartments and mesh pockets
  3. Takes care of cable management, travel accessories storage, electronics accessories. 
  4. Two-way zipper closure for extra security

Portable Ruff Pad E writer

With this portable Ruff Pad E Writer, you can make notes, draw images while your journey with just your touch. No more need of pen or paper. Also, Super easy to use.


  1. Pressure sensitive screen lets you create thin/thick lines just with your fingers.
  2. One-touch Erase Button
  3. Durable case
  4. 8.5 inch LCD with 4 Magnet