Camera Drone For Travel Videos drones for travel videos drones for travel videos

Drones are like remote controlled flying robot. These camera drones help make your trip unforgettable by recording videos and clicking pics from birds view point. Best for beginners.

Why To Opt For It:

  1. All Types Of Functions: Ascend/Descend, Turn Left/Right, Side Fly, Hovering,Hand Launch, 360° Degree Rolling, LED Light. Video Record, FPV Real Time.
  2. Fully charged in just 40-50 min. 
  3. Flying Time: 8-10 minutes , Flying Height - 40 meters
  4. Quick, punctual, reliable seller service. 

Why To Not Opt For It:

  • Danger of getting thrashed severely if used to spy on beautiful neighbours living close by. Don't buy it if you have such plans.