Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan) : Are Ghosts Only To Blame For All Deaths Inside The Most Haunted Place Of Asia

Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan) : Are Ghosts Only To Blame For All Deaths Inside The Most Haunted Place Of Asia

The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort in Rajasthan built by King Madho Singh, the younger brother of Emperor Akbar’s general called Man Singh. Over many years, it has garnered the reputation as the most haunted place in Asia, thanks to all the deaths and inexplicable events inside it. But are Ghosts only to blame for all of it



Bhangarh Fort is widely Regarded as the most haunted place in Asia. You will understand why…Just keep reading.


At night, Fort reverberates with the screams of Fort-ghosts, voices of women crying, sounds of bangles in the rooms. Also, People living close by have often reported an eerie and strange smell in the evening after dusk.


So what if they are all dead? Ghostly shadows, strange lights, and unusual sounds of music and dance are often reported from haveli hall for dancers. It seems they know how to enjoy their night after a hard day’s work of scaring the shit out of unsuspecting humans.


Almost everyone has complained of a strange feeling of restlessness, anxiety and unusual energy in the fort.


At night, the entire place is enveloped by pitch black night shadows in the absence of electricity. Adding to the spookiness are the unusual noises made by wild animals closeby. All this makes the setting perfect for paranormal activities.


You will not be allowed to enter the fort area after dusk. Reason being many disappearances and deaths of those who tried spending a night inside. Even  Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) treats this matter seriously and has placed notice boards advising the same.


Apart from the fort buildings, even village houses have no roofs. Villagers claim that due to a wizard’s curse, the roofs get destroyed every time. Villagers living nearby build houses without roofs or straw roofs to avoid any collapse.


It was an ancient market. Now, Known as Ghost market. Locals have seen ghosts, strange lights and heard sounds of dancing and laughing which they believe are coming from the haveli (hall) for dancers.


The Bhangarh Fort is built near a tiger reserve whose wild animals such as foxes, panthers, and tigers are sometimes found prowling inside the fort during the night.


Strange noises and sound of bells come from the upper part of the fort at night. Villagers say that the noise starts at some place in the upper fort but draws closer and closer to that area of the ground floor where two boys had camped out. Eerily, both the boys were found dead and that too, at exactly the same spot.


Bhangarh Fort is hugely popular on social media owing to several documentaries made upon it apart from worldwide interests shown by bloggers.


Unfortunately, This too adds to its spookiness, especially for Indians who just like breaking laws. Visiting haunted Bhangarh fort after sunset is forbidden by law. But even then many have tried this misadventure and had to pay with their lives.


The locals of Bhangarh narrate several incidents where nomads or volunteers opting for a night stay in the fort never returned back.

The famous Paranormal Investigator of India, Gaurav Tiwari, tried conversing with the ghosts inside. Before this, he had visited about 6000 ghost-infested sites. He stayed there with his assistant for an entire day and also reported some paranormal activity. His recent mysterious death in 2016 has been widely attributed to ghosts but some also say that he died due to “Asphyxia”.

There is a story of two youths who decided to spend the night at the fort to find the truth. But they never came out. What happened to them has been a matter of speculation ever since.

There is also a blood-curdling story of a “Boy with light-equipment”. Reportedly, he had gone there with a light equipment, largely unaware of the reputation of the place. There he saw something so dreadful that he filled with horror. While running outside to save his life, he fell in a steep well. He was rescued from there by two of his friends and was being rushed to the hospital when their car crashed. All of them died on the spot.

It is said that once, a group of few youngsters was going to the fort to explore the place. They were in a bus of around 50 people and were themselves sitting in the 5th and 6thThe bus met with a severe accident. But what was remarkable was that nobody got hurt apart from these youngsters, who were gravely injured. They finally discarded the idea of going there.


Sadhu’s Curse

As per folklore, a sadhu named Guru Balu Nath meditated at a place close to the fort. He was uncomfortable with the fort being built so closeby as he thought it will disturb his meditation. However, the king promised that even the Fort shadows will not touch his area of meditation. So the Sadhu relented.

But the king failed to keep his promise. The fort became so big that its shadow soon touched the meditation spot of Sadhu Balu Nath. This infuriated him and he cursed the entire village to remain roofless. Even today, when a roof is built, it collapses soon after.

Black Magic

Another story goes like this.

A black magician named Singhia fell in love with Princess Ratnavati, who was an 18-year-old beautiful girl. One day the princess’s maid was buying hair oil for her mistress. Singhia used his black magic to cast a spell on the oil such that on touching the oil the princess would get drawn towards him.

But, as was the fate, the oil accidentally fell on a big rock and instead of the princess, the rock came tumbling towards him and crushed him.

Before dying, the magician cursed the whole city including princess to die. But What is astonishing is that historical records confirm that the entire population of the city got wiped out soon. So, while there may be a debate on the cause, but it is certain that the curse of the magician materialized.

The present state of the fort is attributed to the curse of the black-magician and people believe the ghosts in the fort are those of the princess, magician and the people who were suddenly killed

However, There is a way for the curse to break down. And that will happen if the princess gets reborn somewhere and again decide to come to visit this Fort. Easy…Isn’t it?


Those who do not believe in Ghosts have the following points to make in connection with the strange happenings in and around the fort.

They say that the main reason for ASI clamping the “No visit during night” signboard is not to protect the visitors from ghosts but from tigers and other wild animals on the prowl from nearby tiger reserve. In fact, they blame the signboard for hyping the matter too much.

Few also contend that the Ghost story provides bread and butter to the locals. So they are a partner in spreading the hype.

Some also claim that the main reason for a sudden decline in the population of the city was not the curse of the black magician but a sudden attack on it by its arch-rival Ajabgarh. More than 10000 people perished in the attack. All their ghosts are believed to be residing in the Fort waiting for the revenge.

Some of the deaths inside the Fort in the recent past are the deeds of criminals who have found a safe refuge in the dreaded forts, where no one dares to go at night. I myself found several bottles of beer inside it.


The gateway to the fort, though in ruins, was still impressive. It has three grand-stories which look amazing and must be explored. To its side lies the serene and calm Someshwara temple with its beautiful stepwell.

The steps and the top of the fort are covered with forlorn looking broken columns, statues, and other structures.

This is for certain that all the roofs inside the fort are in broken condition. Even the temples are roofless.

Monkeys are everywhere occupying all the rooms even that of Rani Ratnavati.

There is a hill near the fort on which are the remains of the home of the magician who died trying to woo the princess.


I was filled with sadness to see both sides of long roads covered with ruins. The ruins comprised of Jauhari bazaars (gold market), houses of dancing girls (Nachni ki Haveli) etc. You will wonder, What a happening place that must have been when in their full glory. But time does that to everything. Doesn’t it?

The place has an eerie silence which is intimidating and can easily get on someone’s nerves. That’s why I wouldn’t advise anyone to go alone.

I myself did not see any ghost but yes, there was an unusual vibe around the place. I am not able to explain the feeling. Anyway, I was feeling a bit sick that day and opted against trying to stay the night.

To be honest, I would not have stayed even if I was normal. Spending a night in a place with so ferocious a reputation of haunting and that too in a pitch black night amidst wild animals is not my cup of tea. And I accept that.

Ghost or no ghost, but the lack of provision of electricity is sure to make the ruins bloodcurdling.


I don’t know if the fort is haunted, but it truly deserves the title of hauntingly beautiful.


  • Bhangarh Fort is located at the borders of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.
  • The nearest village is Gola ka Baas.
  • BY ROAD: It is 300 km from Delhi by road and will take approx. 5-6 hours depending on the traffic. It is connected through National Highways if you are coming from Delhi. However, you can easily reach here from Jaipur and Alwar too.
  • BY Rail: Alwar railway station is the closest. Cab services are available outside the station. It will take approx. 2 hours to reach the fort from Alwar Railway station.


  • Best time to visit is from October to February as you may find the weather a bit hot for your liking in the remaining months.
  • Fort is open for visitors from 6 am to 6 pm all week. It is forbidden to roam around the area during other hours as per ASI’s orders
  • Entry is free for both Indians as well as Foreigners. However, If you would like to take your video camera inside, you need to pay a small token amount of Rs. 25.


  • Abhaneri Chand Baori can be visited for its Stepwell
  •  Sariska Tiger Reserve is world famous.
  • Siliserh Lake Palace
  • Hill Fort-Kesroli (Heritage Hotel)
  • City Palace
  • vijay Mandir palace

If you will go there at early in the morning then you can these all places in one day.


  • This is a desolated place. Don’t expect more than some snacks and tea stalls outside. however, If you are lucky you may find one or two portable Food-joints.
  • However, We had visited this place on a rainy day and couldn’t find any of them. We were all very hungry and were forced to shell out Rs. 3000 to a random hut owner in return for some plain home-made Khichdi.
  • Therefore, If you don’t want to get fleeced by someone, heed my advice and carry your own food to the place.


  • Forget about getting any decent accommodation close by. But just walk a few kilometers and you will be amazed to find the most luxurious hotels.
  • Some of them are :
    • The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge Jaipur (22.9 Km from the fort)
    • Laxmi Palace heritage Hotel (25.6 Km from the fort)
  • And many more….


This place is a must for those travelers whose body does not produce any horror-inducing hormone.

In short, Night stay at this place is not for all.

Visit this place at night only when you are daring at heart. For others like me, visiting this fort in daytime would be enough to satisfy our thirst for haunting and scenic beauty.

And as to whether this place is haunted or not, go figure out for yourselves.