13 Hippie Secrets To Super Charge Your Life With Happiness

13 Hippie Secrets To Super Charge Your Life With Happiness

Are you fed up of your boring life? Of your haggling boss or that demanding Girlfriend of yours?

Do you want to break out of this monotony and bring some happiness to your life?

Well, I have a secret recipe of happiness for you. Learnt from the happiest people of the planet - The Hippies.

Criticisms aside, if there is one thing that was common to all hippies, it was that all were super happy.

They lived their life to the fullest, experiencing everything it had to offer without giving a damn to what you or I had to say.

It is for this reason they continue to inspire so many of even present generation who are looking to make a life out of the rat race they are in.

If you are in the same rat race...Keep reading.

To know them is to enter a room full of treasures. But every thing is not for you. You have to choose and pick each treasure according to what you want from your life.

As they say, 'Castle of Happiness' is one but paths to it are many.

You have to choose your own one - your personal recipe of happiness.

For this, I will not "tell" you about the treasure but will "show" you the one. To do this, I am taking you to the magical 1960s - The Hippie Years.

At that time - away from an angry, unforgiving world where everybody was fighting everybody else for everything, there lived a group of super-cool people who were peaceful, lovable and disdainfully ignorant of all its vices.

This write up is a tribute to those amazing long-haired people, who taught us the art of living happily even without having anything.

They were the Hippies.

Also known as flower-child, Hippies lived during mid-1960s and comprised mostly of young people who had problem with almost everything society had to offer. Love & peace were the only things they believed in.

Such was their popularity, that from a handful, their way of thinking became a movement - Hippie Movement.

Happiness was their trademark. Very seldom did you find any Hippie unhappy or depressed or dejected about life.

Though the Hippie movement died soon after but the values they preached are still relevant. Especially for people like you, lost in the depressing vastness of today's fast moving world , they present an alternative way to happiness.

Below we present to you, the Treasure Box- The Hippie Way Of Life. Read them and choose what inspires you and form your personal happiness - recipe based on them.

Remember, Just a small change here or there can do wonders to the overall quality of your life.

As Vincent Van Gogh has rightly said - "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

1. Fill Your Life With "Peace, Love and Highs"

Famous Hippie quote of "Make Love Not War" earned them the sobriquet of flower children.They strongly advocated peace, famous saying being - "Peace is not the destination. It's the way."

This advocacy of non Violence & love has special relevance in today's turbulent world, where hate speeches & acts are on an all time high. 

Their love was not limited to human beings but included animals too, who were really close to most Hippies. This explains why most of them were vegetarians.

However, it's a fact that most of the hippies were into drugs, not chemical ones but organics esp. pot.

I won't judge them for this but I myself believe that some sort of "high point" should be in everyone's life for happy living.

Fortunately, such a state is not always drug-induced. You can also experience them when you are too committed and engrossed in something.

Such a state is called "flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi . To enjoy the bliss of such high points, you should have a dream and pursue them vigorously.

So, to enjoy life, GET HIGH. Not on drugs but on life.

2.  No women No Cry

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to say that female folks were not welcome. Infact, there were as many Hippie girls as Hippie boys.

I only want to point out the unusual length of hippie hairs.

They were so long that sometimes it got really tough to guess who was male and who female.

A society where there is no seeming physical difference between male and female was obviously way too egalitarian than our present one where society expects each of us to dress and behave according to our gender.

Hippie life thus encourages us to be gender neutral in our life too.

3. Get out of the trappings of outdated conventional values

Don't fret about what others think about you. You can’t change how people feel about you so don’t try. Just live your life and be happy.

Hippies rejected everything conventional whether it be a materialist and consumerist society or traditional family structures, gender roles as well as traditional employment.

I don't want you to do exactly the same, but we should limit our bonding to these things a bit. Only when the chains binding us relaxes a bit, will we be able to enjoy real freedom of will and see an alternate world, just like hippies did.

This chain binding us is the chain of attachment. You need to detach yourself a little from world's attractions, which hippies believed were just Maya.

4. Be Stylish

Hippie 60s fashion was not costly. It wasn't even deliberate.

Infact, Hippie costumes & dresses were just a mode to show their resentment with society.

But, there was some strange attraction to their non-conformist attitude, due to which whatever they wore became instantly famous.

Hippie fashion sense can be described in one or two word as "Carefree" or "No-Style".

They were super carefree people. Anything they did became a raze, whether being barefoot or  wearing long flowing T shirts or having no makeup

The colors of hippie clothes rarely matched. They never shaved and let their all hair grow.

Hippie Jewelry, though made of cheap metals - was also famous. These being arm full of bangle bracelets, rings on every finger, and a huge amount of necklaces.

They showed to the world that fashion is not about money but attitude.

5. Love Music

Music was a fundamental part of Hippie culture. Events such as Newport Folk Festival and artists such as Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez popularized folk music. Psychedelic music was a raze.

Coming together of these different music genres gave an iconic sound to this counterculture.

You should also open up your life to music to better experience its magic. Listen to music. Lots of it and varieties of it.

6. Live & Eat Organic

Organic foods are basically Hippie Foods. World owes it to Hippies for bringing them to the dining table. At that time, very few people even thought about Organic foods, let alone eating them.

But the food choices of Hippies, like everything else ran counter to the mainstream which favoured mostly non vegetarian.

Hippies were mostly vegetarian people and are credited with bringing lentils and brown rice to table along with other dishes such as embraced whole grains and legumes; organic, fresh vegetables; soy foods like tofu and tempeh; nutrition-boosters like wheat germ and sprouted grains; and Eastern Asian flavours etc.

You are what you eat. So dont be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

7. Be Politically Aware

Don't confuse their rejection of institutions with their political ignorance. Infact, they were quite vocal against America's participation in Vietnam war. In their opinion the war was the worst thing that could happen to mankind.

Infact, they got named so because  they were “hip" or aware of what was going on in the world around them.

You should also keep abreast with the happenings around you. And be a good citizen.

8. Move your body to the rhythm of universe

Hippies loved shaking their body to the beat whenever an opportunity presented itself.

Dance was also a medium for them to transcend into infiniteness, like Yoga and meditation is to others.

Being super dancers also explained why most of them were lean & thin.

You should also try the power of dance by giving it a shake whenever you feel so.

9. Hippies were Spiritual People - believed in a higher power

Whole Hippie movement was inspired by Eastern religions. They explored many paths to seek the one right for them. Whether it be, unconventional beliefs of Budhism, Hinduism or even native American mysticism.

Example: Beatles was a disciple of Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi in India.    

They also believed in the power of crystals which they referred to as "healing stones" and the "harbinger of positive energy".

10. Love Nature

Many hippies wore flowers in their hair to emphasize their love of nature, described in a popular song of the time, "Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair" by John Phillips. This led to the popular phrase “flower people".

You should also open yourself up more to nature. Its a fact that in your every walk with nature you receive far more than nature seeks.

11. Have Wanderlust

The term 'hippie' is synonymous with travelling so much so that the first thing that comes to mind on hearing the term 'hippie' is travel.

Infact, they were very well traveled people and had seen and lived among various cultures of the world.

It was through traveling only that they fell in love with Asian spirituality and culture.

Perhaps this explains their modern outlook to everything.

You should also make it a point to explore to the maximum the majestic planet you currently live on.

12. Don't fret about money much

Ours is a world of depressed billionaires and laughing daily wagers.


Does it not tell you that happiness is not dependent upon money?

Money was the last thing that mattered to hippies. They were quite happy with the day to day survival plans. The only materialistic possession with most bunch of hippies was the famous - hippie van, which was a group property.

Hippie van

They didn't do any formal job. Just earned enough by doing random chores such as - repairing musical instruments, working in coffee houses, running small businesses in flea market , photographing & filming etc.

Community life took care of their basic needs such as food, travel and pot which was all any hippie ever cared about. Money was thus, not of essence.

You should Understand that money is just a medium to enjoy life, not the end. So, don't take it that seriously.

13. Exciting Lovelife

There was too much sex and of all kinds within hippie community. Best thing was, there was an acceptance of one's sexual orientation. Although they were quite liberated they mainly stuck to heterosexual monogamy.

You should also do a balancing act by focusing on your love life apart from your official obligations. Don't let one trample the other.

I am sure there was many things from the above Hippie way of life, you could implement in your life too.

If you want to make a life out of the rat race you are currently in, learn from the Hippies. Don't keep blaming entire world for your miseries.

Instead, take charge yourself. Implement the hippie way of life in your daily life too.

Break the shackles of society. Be Yourself. Be Hippie.

Be Hippie To Get Happy.